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On our path to circular economy - Turning your old clothes into new clothes

You may remember that we have shared our t-shirt and sweatshirt qualities made with recycled denim scraps (pre consumer waste)? Today we went to one of our trusted Indian yarn suppliers, and found something even better. The denim used is no longer pre consumer waste, but European post consumer waste. This means that we are now truly able to recycled worn out and surplus jeans, and turn them into new clothes.

We still have to mix the recycled fibers with new fibers, as the recycled fibers – as of now – are not yet strong enough to become a durable product. The good news is that now we can mix the denim with organic cotton made from authentic India origin seeds, grown according to the fairtrade principals. Normally cotton is grown in the Winter, leaving the fields empty during the Summer. These authentic cotton seeds can grow in the Summer without requiring extra water compared to cotton grown during the Winter. AND the best thing is that these cotton crops do not degrade the soil, and therefore the farmer can grow crops such as corn or soy during the Winter utilizing his fields all year.

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