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When someone tells us, it can’t be done, we just have to try….. We simply can’t help it. …

On our journey towards circularity, we have discovered, that we cannot process polyester garments in the same mechanical way, as we can cotton and cotton blends. The polyester garments simply generate to much heat during the processing, and melting fibers, destroying and potentially setting the machines on fire is of course not an option. But when someone then tells us, we simply cannot use any of the tons of polyester garments, which are thrown away every day for our circular project, we just have to challenge that claim.

So what do we do now?

What if we team up with dedicated friends in the South of India, who have helped us along the way on our own journey? One of the most sustainable recycled polyester plants we know of, who consider sustainability in every part of their business from how the bottles are collected in their local society, by whom and to how their production facility is run? And what if we manage to convince them to try out using polyester garments instead of pet bottles in their current setup?

And what if we also reach out to Louise, a knowledgeable CSR professional, and her dedicated colleagues at Berendsen, and we get them on board as well, allowing us to test the entire set-up with their high quality waste?

Then we have an absolutely perfect match to make a huge difference!

We are so excited! What a future we are moving towards once this teamwork leads to great success.

But please don’t get discouraged about all of this talk on future fibers. We already have a bunch of other sustainable options ready for you to dive into, to join the journey towards less waste and better quality products made without any new fibers.

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