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Is sustainable textile production only available in knitted fabrics?

The previous garments we have shared with you were all made in knitted fabrics. And of course we have had a few reasons for bringing sustainable t-shirts to you before anything else. First of all, this is one of the types of garments that is produced in great masses and thereby will make a big impact when making a sustainable choice. And secondly because fabrics like these are easily accessible, thoroughly tested and available at a resonalble cost.

However, as the demand for sustainable fabrics is rising, development is going fast these days, and of course this also goes for woven fabrics. We probably all know sustainable alternatives for the typical light woven viscose fabrics, but the supply of woven sustainable fabrics is growing by the day. Now we also see more heavy woven fabrics becoming accessible. As in knitted fabrics you have a choice of going zero waste, all sustainable fibers or making a mix with of sustainable fibers and fresh fibers. Same as for the knitted fabrics, if you know how it’s done right, you will have a great product without big impact on our planet.

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