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Have you ever heard of authentic organic Indian cotton?

This particular type of cotton does not exhaust the soil, it’s non-GMO and it doesn’t require pesticides to grow. The best thing about this type of cotton is, that it is grown in the Summer, apparently without requiring more water than your regular organic cotton, and as the soil is not exhaused by this type of cotton growth, which means that the farmer can grow food during the cooler Winter season.

Win-win for the planet and the farmer, granting the farmer a more sustainable financial livelihood.

Regular and organic cotton are usually grown in the Winter, and thereby taking up soil which could have been used for growing food. During the Summer, the fields are usually fallow due to the exhaust from the cotton growth and the Summer heat.

We are looking further into the growth principals and the social aspects of this specific organic cotton type, but were too thrilled about our initial findings to not share them with you. If you are as passionate about sustainable textile production as we are, please reach out to us, we are happy to share.

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