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Going back to the roots

In our exploration of new (or old) and more sustainable ways of producing clothes, we are constantly working with our suppliers to challenge the norms. This is how we came about this product. The t-shirts fibers are a classic of ours, made from 100% waste. It’s a 60% recycled cotton and 40% recycled polyester t-shirt, we have been developing this quality for months and now taking the finished product to the next level. The garment is dyed using no chemicals or binding agents, such as salt and alkali. The origin of the dye is pure natural and in this case, the t-shirt is dyed using indigo leaves. The melange effect is created due to the the combination of the two fibers, as only the cotton fibers will absorb the natural dye, leaving the polyester fibers in it’s original colour.

Using natural dyes of course has its obvious advantages. The water is not contaminated, and can be used for watering the fields. The lack of chemicals also makes the product allergy friendly, and the production methods are harmless for humans and nature. Due to the lack of binding agents, the product will fade over time as natural colours have always done. We are basically bringing dying back to its roots before chemicals and binding agents were introduced in the 1970ies.

Please think about the impact on humans and environment throughout your entire process.

There is no Planet B!

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