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Kromtex are Textile Pioneers


what we do


Based in our office in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, we supply sustainable private label apparel products to European fashion brands, online shops and hyper markets.

We support our customers in the process of going from conventional to sustainable fashion production, and take pride in innovation, quality control and accountability as core values in our company, This allows us to obtain a close sustainable and durable business relationship with our customer.

what we care about


We truly care about the environment, sustainability and the people working in our factories. We ensure to have the knowledge about the latest sustainable fibers, and to have our optimal factory base by visiting existing yarn suppliers and factories each year. During these visits we also explore new sustainable fibers, production methods and suppliers as well as continuously inspecting our partner factories on site to ensure that we offer contemporary sustainable products, made in an etchically sound manner. As one of the few danish members of ACCORD, we are naturally committed to enabling a safe and healthy working environment in our suppliers factories in Bangladesh.

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recycled polyester


We produce our recycled polyester in India. The whole supply chain is within a short radius, from collecting post-consumer bottles, converting the bottles into yarns, fabric knitting, sewing and packing of finished goods to ensure the lowest carbon foot print possible.

The post-consumer bottles are collected locally by designated villages, ensuring a stable income for many families, a cleaner environment and less plastic waste going into our oceans.


Our production of recycled polyester saves up to 79% carbon emissions compared to the production of conventional polyester. Furthermore our recycle polyester fibers are certified to the highest international standards, with the stamp of GRS.

Turning bottles into fibers

recycled cotton


Our recycled cotton is also made in India from yarn scrap from spinning mills. By producing your garments partly from recycled cotton, you contribute to reducing needless use of water, chemicals and energi used to produce new cotton, reducing the overall environmental footprint, a.o. carbon emissions.

Our production of recycled cotton saves 2.700 liters of water compared to the production of a T-shirt made in conventional fibers. Our recycled cotton fibers are certified to the highest international standards, following the GRS standard.

Turning yarn scrap into fibers

authentic organic cotton


This particular type of cotton does not exhaust the soil, it’s non-GMO and it doesn’t require pesticides to grow. The best thing about this type of cotton is, that it is grown in the Summer, apparently without requiring more water than your regular organic cotton, and as the soil is not exhaused by this type of cotton growth, which means that the farmer can grow food during the cooler Winter season.


Win-win for the planet and the farmer, granting the farmer a more sustainable financial livelihood.


Regular and organic cotton are usually grown in the Winter, and thereby taking up soil which could have been used for growing food. During the Summer, the fields are usually fallow due to the exhaust from the cotton growth and the Summer heat.

We only use organic cotton fibers certified by GOTS.

our small impact, but fortunately it's growing

Our services

Our services

Private brand of cph

your design


Our services are tradionally based on customer designs and standards which we match with the best production place based on a variaty of factors ranging from cost effectiveness to a high degree of sustabinability.  We also offer materializing your conseptual design wishes into specific designs, partnering to make products made through Kromtex match all of your product suit.

our design


Our latest service is offering a wide selection of inhouse designed styles. We are currently offering collections withing ladies' sportswear, ladies' fashion sport and mens' wear. Future collections will include kids sports wear, mens' sportswear and accessories. You can use our designs as they are off the rack, or simply be inpired by out full range collection of sports apparels making them into your specific designs.



Kromtex ApS

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